Monday, February 1, 2010

4 Season Tent Craigslist 4 Season Camping Tents?

4 Season Camping Tents? - 4 season tent craigslist

Lately, I have directions to the desert to survive all, and I have some background in it. I just know it is better to have 4 tents, for 1st You are not limited to a season 2nd They are much more durable than ordinary business, but I have to clarify some questions that I want.

They are the best tents dome reality? I heard from the dome or upper bar of the "tent-shaped cross, in order to provide the best structure in situations with strong winds, I would be the opinion of someone with such experience. Eastern Europe really store design or how the person who implements? I also heard that stores more low profile, strong winds, exactly, is capable how deep? "I am more than willing to travel for Preformance sacrifce (left, a tent, I'll sleep on the thing, not a dance)

I know it is a beautiful 4-Bus-season tents are not yellow school? May I know that some say it is a certainty for you, you find your way back to camp, but ISense F The weather is very bad joint says he has no way back. It was also my father and my mother along for the hunt, do not say an orange "safety" in teams of 10 feet. This is only a matter of personal choice.

And finally, it is reliable, highly rated 4 tents for 1 person? I love to travel as light as possible, I will for a tent for 2 people, if I can not solve, but 1 person shops would be ideal.

In what way will the prices do not really, I came to find out what camping equipment you pay for really what you. And that all other information, Sage campsite along the road.


Ryedog said...

I recommend a good control of three season tent Sierra Designs that make some department stores. I had an offer for a period of three years, and camped in the cold under it and had some nasty rain and never had a problem. North Face makes some very good products. I do not know where you live, but in Canada we have a store called MEC their own brand of tents and are very good and if you get Google MEC, and you can access their catalog to search. But if the Sierra Designs, I would say are the best buys on the market. I electron-dome tent with two vestibules, two men.

LordNeuf said...

If you want high-quality, reliable, secure tent 4 seasons, I have three letters.


REI makes or supplies, camping equipment, the best ever. I swear that I have of them have never been disappointed, I was in one of its branches in the pouring rain and the rain continued for 3 days with no leakage.


f100_sup... said...

Because of the way the dome and / or tents will be in a better position, strong winds, but no business shall be firmly anchored in the ground.

The colors of the bank has more to do with "Looking Good" to a sale of any practical value.

Most shops are only 2 people for 1 person if you have a lot of material I have from the time!

My personal preference for a single person has used a military style "pup" tent, because he had a flat. This allows me, a very small heating and / or fire at home in bad weather (such as hunting in the winter to cook) and build my computer at home!

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